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I found that you kept your word; that the bills were fair and honest and that the phone calls were returned


The second thing we did was to google probate lawyers in Denver as I began to understand the magnitude of the responsibilities of the family. That is when I came across Jim's name and several favorable reviews. A phone call later, I had an appointment to meet him. The interview confirmed that I had made a fortunate connection and that began our relationship of now some 21 months. From the interview I knew that Jim had years of experience handling probates, but also that this probate was one for the books with no will, no siblings, a sudden unexpected death and a long list of heirs. One of the heirs even turned out to be missing. You two should write a book. All I can say is Thank You! In my life I have dealt with several lawyers and most have proven to be untrustworthy, usurious in their billing practices and needed sticks of dynamite to get them to return phone calls. I found that you kept your word; that the bills were fair and honest and that phone calls were returned. And, you knew just exactly how to handle all the legal details. Without your assistance I would never have able to handle the sale of the house, file the right papers with the court or deal with an upset in-law all from a distant state.

He made our estate plan development process easy.


I asked Jim to review the estate plan my wife and I had in place. After his review he determined our plan was lacking and contained errors and omissions that could have cost our estate dearly. Jim righted the wrongs based upon current state and federal law and his in-depth understanding of it. From that review he won the confidence of other members of my family and friends. He continues to build his client base by referrals - the highest compliment one can earn in any field of professional endeavor. A typical comment to me after an initial meeting with Jim: " We feel so much better having met with him; he made our estate plan development process easy. A huge load has been lifted from our shoulders.

We truly appreciate all Jim has done for us!


Jim Littlepage's knowledge and wisdom have helped our growing family establish peace of mind regarding various legal issues from guardianship of our children to medical powers of attorney. He met with us and educated us on current and possible future laws so we could make the best decisions about details and wording in our wills, powers of attorney, life insurance trusts, irrevocable family trusts and quit claim deeds into the trusts. We have told Jim he can never retire as our family relies on him to answer and clarify our legal questions and to prepare our legal documents. We need him in our corner for the rest of our lives to plan it right, to provide for our heirs and protect what we have acquired. We truly appreciate all Jim has done for us!

I highly recommend Jim.


I contacted Mr. Littlepage in May to request assistance with Informal Probate following the death of my Grandmother and challenges with her Estate. Jim quickly and accurately assessed the case and generated correspondence on my behalf that led to full cooperation from the family. Jim communicated tactfully with all parties and facilitated a reasonable settlement without litigation. Jim also provided subsequent Estate Planning recommendations that were highly valuable. I found Jim Littlepage to be highly knowledgeable, very reasonable, and a person of great integrity. Jim's fees were also quite reasonable. I highly recommend Jim and will certainly return to him again for any further legal needs.

Jim is a good communicator.


I have worked with Jim on several estate plans over the past several years. He uses a number of tools to plan for and help eliminate estate taxes in a wide variety of family situations, but is especially helpful to farmers and ranchers who have unique tax problems with their land. Jim has a vast knowledge of how to effectively use family limited partnerships in estate planning. Jim is a good communicator in explaining to families his advice and their choices and the tax consequences involved. I will definitely use Jim's services again and welcome his knowledge and experience in any planning situation.

His advice was accurate and his charges extremely reasonable.


I am a retired attorney and much of my practice was devoted to probate work and estate planning. After my retirement, my sister had need for a review of her estate planning. I called Mr. Littlepage because I had dealt with him in the past regarding a probate matter and had referred several former clients to him for estate planning matters. All of them were completely satisfied. Jim's advice to my sister resulted in a living trust that will avoid probate, which I understand has become quite expensive with court costs. Jim also revised our powers of attorney to comply with current statutory requirements. His advice was accurate and his charges extremely reasonable. I highly recommend him.

I am thankful that my friends referred me to Jim Littlepage.


After my father's death, I had a long list of things to do and I encountered many difficulties. Fortunately, however, there was no problem in resolving the legal issues of the estate. The matter was resolved efficiently and I never had to worry about it. I am thankful that my friends referred me to Jim Littlepage.

I most certainly will continue to use Jim.


Jim Littlepage has always been prompt, friendly and effective in responding to my needs. When I needed direct contact to fully understand an issue and expedite action, he even met me at the Denver airport as I passed through town. He has been particularly helpful in two recent instances. The death of my wife necessitated amendments to my family Trust and its contents, and this was done in the simplest but most effective fashion. Similarly, in support of a recent consolidation of mortgages, the appropriate paper work related to Trust updating was quickly provided. I most certainly will continue to use Jim.

His straightforward, no-nonsense approach is efficient.


Over the past 17 years, my family has utilized Jim's expertise for everything from Trust and LLC formation to real estate lease negotiations. His straightforward, no-nonsense approach is efficient and his explanations easy to comprehend. He has always advocated for our interests as if he were family, and is a trusted member of our team of advisers.

Thanks for the exemplary performance Jim!


Jim Littlepage has been invaluable in preparing two partnership agreements. As a person who holds partnerships with multiple corporations, it was essential to have the right person helping us get to the end result. Mr. Littlepage not only met our objectives, he surpassed them - providing outstanding consulting and legal services. When considering future legal services - I will undoubtedly be looking to Jim Littlepage for help. Thanks for the exemplary performance Jim!

I will use him as my legal adviser.


Jim has been my parent's adviser for well over 10 years, helping them to create an estate plan that included a partnership and revocable trusts. When my mom passed away, my concerns centered on funding of the trusts. Jim helped me expeditiously fund the trusts and gave me practical tips on how to handle my dual role as trustee and a sister to my siblings. I have recommended Jim to friends and will use him as my legal adviser.

Knowledgeable and efficient.


I want to thank BOTH of you for your knowledgeable, efficient, patient and endlessly pleasant handling of all this mess! You took what looked to be an endless nightmare and turned it in to piece of cake. Bill, Scott and I all truly appreciate it

Jim is very knowledgeable


I worked with Jim to settle my mother's estate. She had designated me as trustee and agent under a power of attorney and I needed help to sort through all the legal aspects of administering a trust and settling an estate. Jim helped me understand my mother's trust which was designed to split into two new trusts upon her death. Jim helped me create a Family Trust for myself and a Special Needs Trust for my disabled sister. It was a very complicated legal process that I could not have gone through without assistance. Jim is very knowledgeable about the legal intricacies about special needs trusts and what language is accepted by the state.

I would definitely use his services in the future.


I have done business with James Littlepage since 1996 and have been thoroughly satisfied with his service. He explained what was necessary for me to make decisions regarding a special needs family trust and proceeded in a timely manner and a reasonable cost. I have also referred family members to Jim for their legal issues which he resolved for them to their satisfaction. I found it easy to make appointments and resolve any issues or changes I desired and would definitely use his services in the future

I would highly recommend his services.


I have worked with Jim Littlepage for the past 15 years both as a client and as an advisor with my existing clients. He has helped me with my own estate planning needs, setting up a special needs trust as well as estate planning documents for my own estate. I would highly recommend his services.

I am very appreciative of Jim Littlepage's professionalism.


I am very appreciative of Jim Littlepage's professionalism and also his personal concern and understanding in setting up my Family Trust. My Family Trust includes several children including a daughter with developmental disabilities and requiring special needs. Jim Littlepage has also responded promptly to make adjustments to my Family Trust when my family needs required it. I will not hesitate to call on Jim Littlepage's legal services whenever I have a need.

We would call on them again for any other legal matters we may have.


Our family used Jim Littlepage and his firm for assisting in the estate of our mother. Jim was forth right in what needed to be done and assisted in generating all of the required documentation for getting through probate with minimal effort on our part. They also assisted in setting up the estate and were instructional in what requirements needed to be met to allow for the estate to be closed properly. Based on the experience, we have moved into planning for our family's future through Living Revocable Trusts with Jim and his firm and are confident that should the need arise, we would call on them again for any other legal matters we may have

He has always been very professional, but friendly.


Jim Littlepage has helped me on numerous occasions, specifically preparing a Living Trust agreement, and later amending it per my wishes. He has always been very professional, but friendly, too, and gets things done in a timely manner without wasted time and at a reasonable fee. I would use him again in a heartbeat.

We certainly are pleased with his service.


We have been very pleased with Mr. Littlepage - having done business for some time. We can call him at no cost to follow up. That is Unique! He had my family there for a discussion on my "special needs trust;" they liked that. He explains thoroughly what he is doing legally with my "special needs trust" and other things. We certainly are pleased with his service and intend to keep using him!

Jim Littlepage will be in the trenches with you.


James Littlepage is a man of substance. As an attorney, he has a subtle mind and sees around corners others aren't even aware of. As a person, he will give sound counsel. If you find yourself in the trenches, look to your right. Jim Littlepage will be in the trenches with you.