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Probate Administration in Colorado

Dedicated Denver Probate Attorney

Probate administration requires the legal guidance of a skilled attorney to be successfully completed for the benefit of the deceased’s estate and living heirs. Whether a person died with a solid estate plan, such as a well-drafted will or trust, or if they died intestate, or without a plan in place, it is necessary to settle any disputes, debts, and other financial issues as quickly as possible.

During the procedure, a designated personal representative is required to do the following:

  • File legal and court documents
  • Ensure that creditor claims and taxes are paid
  • Locate any relatives or beneficiaries
  • Make sure assets are transferred to beneficiaries or heirs
  • Follow the terms of the deceased’s will or trust, if applicable
  • Comply with all court procedures

When Is Probate Administration Necessary?

In the State of Colorado, if a person dies owning titled property, such as cars and boats, worth $64,000 or more, or they owned real estate that was never put into a trust or joint tenancy, their estate must be probated to ensure the fair distribution of the deceased’s assets.

This process usually takes over a year to complete and costs up to 5% of the estate’s total value. Because of this, having a strong estate plan in place may be in your best option. Entrusting your estate before you die can save your family and loved ones the hassle of court procedures.

Are You in Need of Professional Guidance?

Because probate can be both complicated and confusing, it is extremely important that the person whom you name to handle your estate is a savvy and trustworthy individual. Even then it is wise to direct your personal representative to hire an experienced probate attorney to wade through the myriad of rules and statutes which govern the process.

Attorney James A. Littlepage is dedicated to making the probate administration process as simple and fast as possible for his clients. He can assist you by providing knowledgeable legal guidance gained from over 40 years of legal practice.

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